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Patterns & Stamped Concrete Edging

12" Stamp w/Spanish Texture

pattern: 12^^ Stamp w/Spanish Texture

(Most Popular)
This was done on the slant style with both an integral color and powder release to bring out the Spanish texture.

Natural Stone

pattern: Natural Stone

(Newest Stamp)
This stamp is a hit! It looks very natural in the yard and its has a random look and appeal. New and in demand!

Large Cobble

pattern: Large Cobble

(Very Popular)
The integral color here is Terra Cotta and dark gray powder release agent. Sealing brings out the sheen.

Basket Weave w/Spanish Texture

pattern: Basket Weave w/Spanish Texture

This was done in one color, integral grey, then grout lines were put in with the Basket Weave impression tool. You can do this stamp also with two bricks up and two to the side.

Castle Rock

pattern: Castle Rock

The integral color used on this pattern was Sahara Brown. The accent color in the grout lines and on the surface is Autumn Brown.

Soldier Course

pattern: Soldier Course

This is the stamp that we call our brick stamp. It goes very well with small areas that have gradual curves. It also has a Spanish texture applied in the background.

Wood Grain

pattern: Wood Grain

Concrete edging that looks like wood!

Small Cobble

pattern: Small Cobble

This pattern is done with a roller. You can make the grout lines a different color.

London Cobble

pattern: London Cobble This pattern is an informal cobblestone look coming from Europe. The grout lines are done in Autumn Brown and the Integral color is Sahara Brown. There is a light accent on each brick with a slight variance from brick to brick.


pattern: Belgian A popular texture especially when used with brick or tile grout lines. An integral color using a slightly darker green or gray release powder to accentuate the pattern would be very effective.

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